Replica Swiss Automatic watches

First of all, we must know that mechanical watches are divided into automatic mechanical watches and manual mechanical watches. The manual mechanical watch, as the name implies, requires manual winding. Therefore, if it is a manual mechanical watch, it is necessary to wind the watch regularly. So some people may say that automatic mechanical watches are self-winding as the name implies, do they not need to be wound manually ?

Replica Swiss Automatic watches

The answer is no. Under normal circumstances, if you wear Replica Swiss Automatic watches every day, you do not need to wind up, but if the wearer has little exercise or does not wear it from time to time, then even the Automatic movement needs to be sent regularly. Article. why? You will understand the principle of an automatic mechanical watch. An automatic watch is not automatic. It relies on the swing of a person's arm and the continuous swing of the rotating weight on the movement of the watch to drive the winding tight and achieve the purpose of automatic winding. So once the amount of winding (movement) is insufficient, you need to manually make up the strings. Therefore, when your Replica Swiss Automatic watches are not running, you can really try to wind it up, maybe because of insufficient exercise. The findreplicawatches website is all automatic mechanical replica watch, will buy a watch with automatic movement from their website every month.

Under sufficient exercise conditions, Replica Swiss Automatic watches are very convenient to use, which is also its greatest advantage. This is because in the case of sufficient exercise, the automatic winding can maintain the operation of the mechanical watch. The manual winding requires manual replenishment of the clockwork energy at regular intervals, and it will stop once it is forgotten. Replica Swiss Automatic watches have higher accuracy. This is because compared with manual mechanical watches, automatic watches have an anti-over-winding design, so that the energy provided is more consistent and the output torque is stable. The time of the watch is more stable and the error is small. There is also that automatic winding is more suitable for waterproof design, which is not difficult to understand, because automatic winding does not always use the crown like manual winding, and this will inevitably cause greater wear. This is the reason why diving watches are mostly automatic mechanical estimates.

However, if the wearer's exercise is insufficient, the mainspring of Replica Swiss Automatic watches will not be fully filled, and the watch will often stop or stop when wearing it, and at the same time, the time accuracy of the watch is also poor and the error is large. . For example, if you sit in the office all day at work, most of your arms only swing horizontally, and rarely do up and down vertical swings. Then the automatic rotor basically does not do work, so it can't wind the clockwork. This situation is not as accurate as the winding watch. . I have also met guys who think that manual-winding watches are more convenient. This is a matter of personal sense. In addition, the playability of manual mechanical watches and the aesthetics of the movement are also its advantages, especially the joyful experience of manual winding is irreplaceable.

Regarding the question of whether the winding should be full. According to a professional repairer, 80% or 90% full coverage is definitely better than 100% full coverage, because if the coverage is too full, the internal spring of the watch will be too tight, which will affect the Replica Swiss Automatic watches. It will definitely have a certain impact. When you wind up, if you feel resistance, be sure not to continue twisting. Because the watch itself is a precision instrument, after you feel the resistance, if you continue to force it, it is likely to cause damage to the internal parts of the watch. For watches that are not worn frequently, you can use a watch shaker, or wind it once or twice a month.

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